About LEB’s Family Camp


L’Ecole Bilingue families have been going to Evans Lake Forestry Camp each Labour Day long weekend for almost 40 years! The trip is a great opportunity to get to know other families while enjoying the great outdoors. Evans Lake can accommodate about 110 people, and we will be close to that number this year!

School-age children (those entering Kindergarten or Grade 1 through Grade 7) stay in cabins with volunteer counsellors, some of which are past L’École Bilingue students. Parents and small children (those younger than 5 years) camp in tents and vans on a grassy field by the lake.

All meals are prepared by Evans Lake staff. Yeah!!!!

The camp is participatory with parents assisting with cleanup, waterfront supervision and other duties (please select your preferred adult participation activities in the Registration form).

Arrival and Departure

Plan to arrive at 3:15 pm on Saturday, to set up tents, check kids into cabins. We will depart Evans Lake on Monday afternoon, after final activities and all clean-up has been completed (sometime around 2:00 pm).

NOTE: if the weather is really hot and sunny, we often seek permission from the Camp staff to stay a little longer and enjoy the waterfront i.e., swimming, before heading home.


Counsellors take responsibility for children’s activities during specified portions of each day. We all meet at meal times and for many planned activities such as campfires and the annual Evans Lake Amazing Race, the momentous climax of the three-day weekend.

Other activities include hiking, canoeing, swimming on a supervised waterfront, crafts, rock climbing, archery, low ropes, volleyball, badminton, soccer, campfires, canteen, and much more. Many of these activities are organized by the parents.

This is a wilderness campsite, please observe the rules of outdoor etiquette and remind your children not to pick wild flowers, or mark or cut trees. Please walk only on existing trails.

Medical Information

A medical form must be completed for each child attending the camp, and the Waiver (of Rights and Indemnity) checkbox must be checked for each child.)

Basic first aid is available at the camp. The nearest hospital is in Squamish.

Packing List

Our family camp takes place rain or shine! See the link “What to Bring to Camp” for a suggested packing list. Don’t forget to bring all camping gear such as tent, air mattress or foam pad, ground cover, etc.

Children Camp in Cabins

On arrival, please introduce yourself to the cabin Counsellors who have responsibility for children staying in cabins – this option is open to students entering Kindergarten or older. Cabin lists, by age/grade, will be posted on the cabin doors. Parents should let the Counsellor know where they are tenting in case their child needs them. Children in cabins will be supervised by the cabin Counsellors during the following times:

7:00 AM – 3:15 PM

5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

11:00 PM – 7:00 AM

In addition to the times above, younger children will be supervised from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM by relief supervision while the Counsellors have their evening breaks; a cabin check will be provided for the other cabins. We will have cabin parents assigned to the cabins to assist the Counsellors.

If at any time you want your child to be with you rather than participating in the scheduled group activity, inform the cabin Counsellor before taking your child. When you return, make sure you tell the Counsellor your child is back.

Adults (and Small Children) Camp in Tents

Tenting for adults is on the lower level of the playing field, between the lake and the dining hall (the schematic on the first page shows cabins at the top, the rec hall middle right, the dining hall lower left, and the lake and campfire area at the bottom). For safety, only vehicles used for sleeping are allowed on the field; they should be parked close to the stream or at the far edge of the field adjacent to the road. All other vehicles must be parked by the rec hall or on the entry road. Leave the centre of the field area open for sports, and please try to keep the first 100 feet near the waterfront free of tents so everyone can enjoy the waterfront.

Family Time

Family Time is from 3:15 PM to 5:30 PM on Sunday. Families are responsible for the care of their own children during this time up until the start of dinner. Counsellors have an afternoon break during this time.


Access to the lake waterfront area is restricted to specific times, and is accessible only when lifeguards are on duty. All children must take a swimming test to assess their ability prior to using the waterfront.

There are a number of safety rules that will be enforced. All pre-schoolers and non-swimmers must wear life jackets while on the floats at the waterfront. Life jackets must be worn by all boat occupants. There is a maximum of two children plus one adult in canoes. No children are permitted in boats without an adult. Graduate students (i.e. those entering Grade 8) with parental permission may go out in canoes without an adult.

Dining Hall

All meals are provided in a common dining hall. There is a fridge in the dining hall, on the left as you go in. You may use it for storing infant food, drinks, leftovers, etc. The kitchen area in the dining hall is out-of-bounds except for persons authorized by the camp staff and those on kitchen clean-up duty after each meal.


On Sunday morning there are 2 hike options available. A short nature walk good for younger kids and a longer hike on the network of trails at the camp site are organized by parents.

A parent (or some designated adult) must accompany any child who goes on a hike. If your child is going on a hike, inform the cabin Counsellor. Tell the Counsellor which hike your child is taking and what time that hike will return. If your child goes on a hike, make sure the adult responsible for the child tells the Counsellor when the child is back at the conclusion of the hike.


Do I need to speak French?

No, it’s not an immersion camp.

Can I bring friends?

Sorry, the camp is for L’Ecole Bilingue students and their immediate families.

When I register in May/June, who do I contact to get info during the summer?

We’ll contact attendees with a confirmation email at the end of June. If you do not receive a confirmation email by July 1st, 2019, please contact us.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no pets please.  Stuffies only!

Is there a Starbucks or grocery nearby?

Not really, but coffee is on pretty early and the snack team make great evening cookies and hot chocolate treats!

When is payment due?

Your non-refundable deposit cheque should be dated for June 21st, 2019, and the balance of registration fees cheque should be dated for July 31st, 2019. Both cheques should be submitted to the folder in the PAC box in the L’école Bilingue office no later than June 21st, 2019.

The registration fee, less the per person deposit is not refundable after July 31st, 2019.

How much does it cost?

$168 for each adult and child entering kindergarten to grade 7 in September 2019.
$85 for children from age four who are not entering kindergarten in September 2019.
Children three and under are free.


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